Clauses thatTHAT MAY not be included in the antenuptial contract image
Clauses which are not allowed to be included in an antenuptial contract due to being in contravention of moral standards include:
1. An agreement that one spouse will adopt or convert to the religion/faith of the other.
2. An agreement that marital disputes will be referred to arbitration.
3. A clause that re-establishes or maintains the husband’s marital power.
4. A clause that states the parties will not live together after marriage.
5. A clause that permits either party to commit adultery.
6. A clause that requires the wife to stop working and become a housewife from the birth of their first child.
7. A clause that prevents either spouse from binding the other for household expenses.
8. A clause that denies either spouse the right to ask for a share of the other’s estate in the event of divorce.