Common misconceptions about antenuptial contracts.  image
Writer's firm promotes their antenuptial contract services at various marriage expo's every year. I have gained experience as to the mindset of these thousands of couples. It is clear from the expressions of many that they have not taken the time to discuss this vital subject or have no knowledge of the legal implications of getting married. It is also evident that there are misconception and antagonism about and against antenuptial contracts.

Most frequent we hear:
“Antenuptial Contracts are only for the rich”
“We do not own much”
“We can always do it later”
“Our parents didn't do it”
“Antenuptial agreements are unfair”
“Antenuptial Agreements are too personal”
“Antenuptial Agreements are unromantic”
“We will never divorce”
“If we divorce I am sure it will be amicable”
"We love each other. We do not need it"

We understand that to the bride and groom, marriage is a loving contract between two people, as it should be, who want to spend the rest of their lives together. In the eyes of the Law and corporate business, marriage is also a contract between two people not about love, but a variety of economic rights, freedom to trade, exposure and obligations. Should you thus not elect yourself, the Law will decide on your behalf. If you care about your spouse, you, therefore, owe it to yourself and your spouse to take the time to explore your options. Agreeing beforehand on these matters will put your marriage on a more sound footing.