What documents to give to marriage officer prior or on date of marriage?

Documents needed to get married in South-Africa image
On the day of the marriage, the following documentation must be presented to the marriage officer by the couple:
• Their identity documents.
• If minors, the written consent is prescribed.
• If divorced, the final decree of divorce. If, for any sound reason, a person is unable to produce a decree of divorce or if a person was divorced in a foreign country and cannot obtain a decree of divorce, an affidavit by the person concerned is required to the effect that he/she is legally divorced, and stating the name of the court which granted the divorce and the date on which it was granted.
• If widowed, the deceased spouse’s death certificate. If a death certificate is not available, the person concerned is required to submit an affidavit confirming the death of the deceased spouse and stating the name of the deceased and the date of death.